Sunday, November 1, 2009

Falling sleep.

I heart my extra hour of sleep in the fall AND the fact that it will be light out when I wake up. It's hard to get up and at 'em when it's pitch outside and while you walk your dog, you have that eerie feeling that you're the only person left on the planet (in a less fun way than "Night of the Comet", for anyone who enjoys a little 80's cheese in their movies).

Basic Autumnal goals - fall back into getting adequate sleep. Fall (even if it's a forced fall, or if I have to ask a friend or a Sissi to trip me) into better habits, like getting rid of stuff I don't use and exercising more. Why do people only make resolutions at New Year's? Why not for daylight savings time, when you are getting something you can work with, like an extra hour of sleep???? As WSP might say...Makes sense to me, I must confess.

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