Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Veracity of Cliches

I recently bought a bottle of miracles. Technically, it's a product called Miracle 2000 and it is a liquid vitamin that you take like a vodka shot. I have to give the product props...I've been taking it for 4 days I really do feel a difference in my energy level (the B12 shot is assisting I'm sure). I've never been able to sustain this sort of happy energy downing vodka shots (vodka happy is fleeting. And very grinnie). That's the upside. The downside is the cliche that anything that is good for you must taste terrible. This stuff tastes like a dirty ass that has been put in a blender with some spinach. I haven't actually HAD dirty ass blended with spinach, but that's the closest flavor profile I can offer. The label proclaims it to be "cherry flavored" and I assume they waved a cherry over the manufacturing plant from a helicopter. There is a minor side effect of neon-hued urine and perspiring a faintly vitamin-y smell.

All that said, I recommend the results. It's the first vitamin I can take that doesn't upset my stomach. Upsets my taste buds yes, but that's fleeting.


  1. Ah ass and spinach in a cherry coating....
    I think that's probably the smell I encountered when picking up my doodles' poop last year during cherry season.

    -Adina from

  2. you are hilarious and vivid. to say the least!