Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thinking about the year ahead and the right now.

As Anah (my maternal grandmother) used to say "count your blessings not your troubles", so I'm not making resolutions. I of course have PLENTY of self-improvements to make and I'm aware of/working on each and every one of them, but instead of focusing on the bad (like me not exercising enough or dipping into my savings account too frequently), I've decided to make a list of some of the many positive things in my life. These are in NO particular order. Some I elaborate on, some not so much.

Gainful Employment - something I used to take for granted and no longer do.

Friends - I don't live near my family, but I am beyond grateful for both new and old friends who make it so I don't feel like I'm ever alone.

Family - we have our ups and downs, like all families, but I'm lucky enough to know that I have a family who does genuinely love me (even though they make me BONKERS sometimes)

My Sissi - it may be trite to say "my sister is my best friend" but my Sissi IS my best friend. I would be completely lost in the universe without her. I would be fortunate to have anyone in my life that I can really talk to and really laugh with but to have that person be your sister, who has known you from your first breath and understands every bit of you (and isn't scared!) adds a special dimension.

Callie - I'm not sure there has ever been a cuter dog. The adorableness of her nose alone is a blessing.

A good brain.

Health - I have some issues, and they suck, but it could be SO much worse and I'm thankful that it isn't.

I'll be done paying for my car in a couple of months

I should get a decent tax refund this year (from my mouth to G-d's ear!)

I like my house

I have great neighbors

My friend Leigh is about to have a baby and I'm SO excited to be Aunt Frannie again!

Good skin

My new counter tops are fabulous for baking

Clean sheets on Sundays

"Surprise" Naps

Air Conditioning

The music stations on Comcast



Sleep aids :)


The fact that in the ATL, I can go out and have a really yummy dinner for less than $10 (you can't do that in a lot of places)

Common sense (the internal kind, not the Thomas Paine kind)

Emotional Resilience

My uncanny ability to stop seeing clutter

There are more, but I'll save them to bring out on a day when I need to remind myself...COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NOT YOUR TROUBLES!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Call me the Grinch, Scrooge, say it's sour grapes, whatevs

I always hate New Year's Eve. I've hated it for a very long time. I always want to stay home, be in pajamas by 9pm, watch a movie, and drink wine but in the end I worry that I'll feel lonely and sad if I stay home. Why do I think that? Most NYEs have proven that I'd be happier if I'd stayed home (and the outfits would be much less binding). Let's see...there was the NYE when my date had sex with a stranger in the bathroom at a party -that one was awesome. There was the party where a fist-fight broke out (and that wasn't even exciting enough to make the party interesting). There was the NYE where I went to a boring party at friend's house, while my boyfriend at the time spent the evening with his kids and ex-wife. That one felt good. And then there was last year, when I had a date with a man I'm pretty sure is a serial killer. Turns out you can hide a LOT of crazy in a 30 minute coffee date. it really sour grapes when your experiences have genuinely been bad??

I'm trying to change my attitude for this one. I'm going to a party with a few girlfriends and they have promised me that we can leave at 12:01 :)

Happy new year to one and all (or at least to the 6-15 people who read this!). I love fresh beginnings!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Rescue Story of Callie (where Frannie was rescued too!)

I originally wrote this "happy tails" story for my blog on, but decided to post it here too.
First a little background on me...I had to have my dog Bailey put to sleep in November of 2006 (she wasn't a doodle, but another unusual mix - bassett hound/black lab). I loved Bailey and to this day have guilt about having her euthanized (even though my logical brain knows it was the best/only decision to be made). I wasn't ready to even think about getting another dog for a long time. In 2008 I was terribly sick for months, eventually getting a tentative diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. Once I started getting the CD under control, I started thinking about getting another dog.

I was SO torn...I was scared I'd have another flare up and wouldn't be able to provide excellent care to whomever I adopted, but I also felt like taking care of a dog would get me less focused on being "sick". Some friends convinced me that it was a good time, so I made a list (I'm a nerdy list-maker) of what my doggie wish list would be. I wanted a female (I love boy dogs too, I just like knowing where the pee is heading!), I wanted an adult dog, I wanted to rescue, I wanted a medium sized dog, and I wanted a dog who was very low shed. That is a very simple list if you are buying a dog from a breeder, but I'm just an ingrained rescuer though, so I had my work cut out for me. Three separate times, I found a dog at a rescue facility that I thought was just right for me, only to have them get adopted by someone else (the good part is that they got adopted, of course).

Then on Tuesday, April 14th 2009 I was taking my morning browse on and I saw this adorable dog at Dekalb Animal Shelter, which is a high-kill facility. Her name was "Pen 310" and they had her listed as a standard poodle (I guess they've never seen a standard poodle before). I kept trying to call the shelter and could never get through (later I found out that their phones were down that whole day). I left the office (thank goodness they are understanding about dog stuff!) and drove over to Dekalb Animal. I walked in and saw of the cutest, furriest dogs I'd ever seen...sitting at the feet of an older woman as she filled out adoption paperwork. I went over and pet the dog, who was indeed Pen 310. She immediately started wagging her tail and looking up at me with those huge brown eyes and I fell utterly in love. I did what any normal person would do at that point...I offered the potential adopter a $100 to let me take the dog. She said no (in a kind of snippy tone, but I couldn't really blame her...after all I was trying to bribe her). A woman that worked at Dekalb Animal asked me to give her my information, just in case something fell through with the other adopter. I did, not feeling hopeful AT ALL. I should have been listening to everyone who was telling me that "things happen for a reason" and had a little more faith.The very next morning, I got a call from Dekalb Animal...they said the other adopter called in and said she didn't think it was a good time for her to take on the responsibility and wanted to know if I was still interested (I have always had a sneaking suspicion that they rejected her so I could get her). I said "ABSOLUTELY" and left the office, hopped in the car and drove over there. The same lady was working there and said "oh I'm so glad you're getting her - y'all just seem to belong together".

Then she told me the sad story of Pen 310. It's not as sad as some of the other stories you hear (there's one on atlanta pet rescue right now who had been starved and only had rocks in his belly when he was taken from the neglectful owner - that's criminal), but it's just so unnecessary. This adorable dog, who had obviously been someone's pet, was abandoned outside Dekalb Animal Shelter in the middle of the night. She was matted, dirty, and about 10lbs underweight, but was otherwise healthy. They estimated her age to be between 2 and 3. They knew nothing else about her, other than that she was a good dog. I can only imagine the confusion that she felt. Dekalb does a great job with their shelter, but it's not a place for dogs to's a warehouse of dogs waiting to die. I'm just so glad that they do care enough to put their dogs on to try to get them to good homes!The furry dog needed to be spayed, get her shots, and get a bath, so I couldn't take her home that day.

That night my friend Leigh and I went to Costco and Petsmart, where I bought beds, a brush, toys, treats, food, bowls, and a cute collar and leash. Friday morning, April 17th is when I got the call that my new dog was ready (I count 4/17 as Callie's "birthday"). The newly named "Callie" came back to the office with me and was an angel (ok, so she peed in the showroom, right in front of my boss, but she was in a new place!). I can say with great honesty that she's brought me unmitigated happiness, even on those rare occasions when she is naughty. I firmly believe that I would still be in my house, depressed about having a chronic illness if Callie and I hadn't found each other. We spend lots of time on walks and at the dog park making new friends, and plenty of time playing. A particular favorite of hers is on the early weekend mornings when I take her out to the community tennis courts and practice my serve while she chases balls. SO CUTE!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Phrases that should be outlawed from men's online dating profiles

I just rejoined jdate. Online dating is a good way to meet people, but you really can tell a lot about someone by what they write about themselves and sometimes it's not so good. I'm sure women say annoyingly banal things too, but I don't read their profiles. Here are some men's profile phrases that instantly make me (and other women I've polled) cease to see you as an interesting person.

"I work hard and play hard" - Sometimes, even I am rendered speechless

"I love to laugh" - you're the one! Everyone I know would much rather have daily root canals than laugh.

"I only get along with women who are size 4 or smaller" - so, when your waif is pregnant with your child, you've given her advance warning that you won't get along with her. Way to go!

"I love to have fun" - Fun is subjective. Jeffery Dahmer thought murder and cannibalism were super fun pasttimes.

"I'm looking for a woman who can go from jeans to a ballgown" - Dear Men ... all women can do this. It's called changing clothes. I hope that you're aiming higher than a woman who can dress herself.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Turns out I'm an intolerant hypocrite. Who knew?

I made a discovery last night...I'm super patient until someone keeps repeating a behavior that is stupid. Of course, I do stupid stuff repetitiously all the time, but it's WAY more annoying when others do it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Veracity of Cliches

I recently bought a bottle of miracles. Technically, it's a product called Miracle 2000 and it is a liquid vitamin that you take like a vodka shot. I have to give the product props...I've been taking it for 4 days I really do feel a difference in my energy level (the B12 shot is assisting I'm sure). I've never been able to sustain this sort of happy energy downing vodka shots (vodka happy is fleeting. And very grinnie). That's the upside. The downside is the cliche that anything that is good for you must taste terrible. This stuff tastes like a dirty ass that has been put in a blender with some spinach. I haven't actually HAD dirty ass blended with spinach, but that's the closest flavor profile I can offer. The label proclaims it to be "cherry flavored" and I assume they waved a cherry over the manufacturing plant from a helicopter. There is a minor side effect of neon-hued urine and perspiring a faintly vitamin-y smell.

All that said, I recommend the results. It's the first vitamin I can take that doesn't upset my stomach. Upsets my taste buds yes, but that's fleeting.