Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Call me the Grinch, Scrooge, say it's sour grapes, whatevs

I always hate New Year's Eve. I've hated it for a very long time. I always want to stay home, be in pajamas by 9pm, watch a movie, and drink wine but in the end I worry that I'll feel lonely and sad if I stay home. Why do I think that? Most NYEs have proven that I'd be happier if I'd stayed home (and the outfits would be much less binding). Let's see...there was the NYE when my date had sex with a stranger in the bathroom at a party -that one was awesome. There was the party where a fist-fight broke out (and that wasn't even exciting enough to make the party interesting). There was the NYE where I went to a boring party at friend's house, while my boyfriend at the time spent the evening with his kids and ex-wife. That one felt good. And then there was last year, when I had a date with a man I'm pretty sure is a serial killer. Turns out you can hide a LOT of crazy in a 30 minute coffee date. it really sour grapes when your experiences have genuinely been bad??

I'm trying to change my attitude for this one. I'm going to a party with a few girlfriends and they have promised me that we can leave at 12:01 :)

Happy new year to one and all (or at least to the 6-15 people who read this!). I love fresh beginnings!!!

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