Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thinking about the year ahead and the right now.

As Anah (my maternal grandmother) used to say "count your blessings not your troubles", so I'm not making resolutions. I of course have PLENTY of self-improvements to make and I'm aware of/working on each and every one of them, but instead of focusing on the bad (like me not exercising enough or dipping into my savings account too frequently), I've decided to make a list of some of the many positive things in my life. These are in NO particular order. Some I elaborate on, some not so much.

Gainful Employment - something I used to take for granted and no longer do.

Friends - I don't live near my family, but I am beyond grateful for both new and old friends who make it so I don't feel like I'm ever alone.

Family - we have our ups and downs, like all families, but I'm lucky enough to know that I have a family who does genuinely love me (even though they make me BONKERS sometimes)

My Sissi - it may be trite to say "my sister is my best friend" but my Sissi IS my best friend. I would be completely lost in the universe without her. I would be fortunate to have anyone in my life that I can really talk to and really laugh with but to have that person be your sister, who has known you from your first breath and understands every bit of you (and isn't scared!) adds a special dimension.

Callie - I'm not sure there has ever been a cuter dog. The adorableness of her nose alone is a blessing.

A good brain.

Health - I have some issues, and they suck, but it could be SO much worse and I'm thankful that it isn't.

I'll be done paying for my car in a couple of months

I should get a decent tax refund this year (from my mouth to G-d's ear!)

I like my house

I have great neighbors

My friend Leigh is about to have a baby and I'm SO excited to be Aunt Frannie again!

Good skin

My new counter tops are fabulous for baking

Clean sheets on Sundays

"Surprise" Naps

Air Conditioning

The music stations on Comcast



Sleep aids :)


The fact that in the ATL, I can go out and have a really yummy dinner for less than $10 (you can't do that in a lot of places)

Common sense (the internal kind, not the Thomas Paine kind)

Emotional Resilience

My uncanny ability to stop seeing clutter

There are more, but I'll save them to bring out on a day when I need to remind myself...COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NOT YOUR TROUBLES!

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