Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ramblings from a semi-sane person

I don't really have a cohesive "theme" today...just some random musings (musings sounds better than bizarre stream of consciousness that I'm trapping you into reading). Also, I like the band Muse a lot. They really appeal to my remaining teen angst. That's right - I'm now thirty-eighteen and therefore entitled to my teen angst. I may re-read the Twilight saga. (don't add it together, thirty-eighteen is now a word in the lexicon of frannieland and I'm WAY not ready for 48). I do feel a bit of angst for my rapidly approaching forties, but I felt a solid year of stress about turning 30 and my 30s have been nothing short of amazingly wonderful (so here's hoping).

I woke up this morning at 5:30. It's SATURDAY. Why don't I wake up perkily at 5:30 (or 6:00. or 6:30. or 7:00) during the week? I can barely drag myself out of bed during the week and I'm lucky enough to like my job so I don't really see a connection there. I had a very productive morning...some quality Callie time, got an oil change, went to the Garden Hills yard sale (40 homes had yard sales - it was a buffet, buffet lamps, and an urn for sticks). Then I came home and took a surprise nap (It wasn't really all that surprising though...I took off my shoes and curled up on the sofa with a blanket). Then I got my fabulous neighbors to help me bring the buffet in. Many kudos to Katie, for never being offended when I knock on their door and tell her that I need a man. Even more gold stars for Nick, who not only helped with schlepping and didn't seem horrified by how messy my house is (I'm having a bad goldfish in a cowboy hat week - if that reference doesn't make sense to you, watch this youtube link - unfortunately, this sometimes sums up my house., but noticed that there were SPIDER EGGS - you read that correctly - SPIDER EGGS festooned on the underside of the buffet and he went and got his super-heavy-duty vacuum and got rid of all of them. Now that's more than neighborly!

After getting the buffet spiffed up, I took Callie to get micro-chipped, and then just took her on a nice long drive. The dog park was too muddy and empty, so I just hit the road with the windows down and let her ears fly in the breeze. She looks so happy with her head out the window that thinking of it is still making me feel all warm and smiley inside.

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  1. Congrats on the buffet, lamps and urn. What great yard sale scores! I hope that you'll post pictures. :)