Friday, October 9, 2009

This is a first. Actually, it's THE first.

My first blog, that is. I'm not sure why tonight is the night. If I was smart, I would have gone to bed a half hour ago. Lots of things in frannieland seem to start with the phrase "if I was smart" (explanation of frannieland for those not yet in the know....frannieland is the world I live in. It's the same world everyone else lives in, just from my POV. It's pretty normal, except for when it isn't) . It's Friday night, 10/9/09. I stayed in tonight and assigned myself the ambitious job of cleaning out my bathroom cabinets and drawers. Yeah, I'm that kind of cool. Turns out I don't need to buy soap for about 4 more years. Lever 2000 doesn't go bad, does it?


  1. Am I considered a resident of frannieland?

  2. Nope. People can visit frannieland, but it will always bear a sign reading "Population 1". You are of course encouraged to name wherever you live (Sissi Town, Stephopolis, Sklarville, etc)

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