Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend (not in New England, but that's a fave sappy song)

I'm a planner by nature. Sometimes my plan is to do nothing, but I'm still making a plan for that (I've stopped putting "sit on sofa and mindlessly catch up on dvr'd shows on an actual to-do list though). This weekend, I had a vast assortment of plans, ranging from fun/social to drudgery. See Friday night's post for part 1 of the drudgery. Part 2 has been today and consisted of going to the office for 4+ hours, cleaning it up (I was mildly surprised that I didn't find a pack of wolves in was looking like their natural habitat). I've also been baking, but am doing it more clumsily than I normally would, so I'm dialing back that ambition a bit. Now I'm wondering about my planning nature. Perhaps if I planned to be tidier, I would be tidier. I do like to follow my to-do list. Hmm. Food for thought. I haven't started on laundry or cooking yet. Still plenty of time for that. I did do my very favorite part of Sunday...changing my sheets. It's not so much the changing (I'm not on crack) but it's the sliding into bed Sunday night and being ensconced in cool, crisp, sweetly fresh sheets. That is just toe-wiggling good.

On Saturday afternoon, a home re-designer came over. Her name is Stacey Murphy and I thought she was terrific. Her entire business is making the stuff already in your house WORK, not figuring out a way to impose her taste and collect large fees. It was so incredibly beneficial to me to have a fresh non-family/non-friend eye on my stuff. I can't wait to start implementing her suggestions. I do feel a bit embarrassed that I needed some of the common sensical suggestions, like putting a basket on top of the fridge to conceal all the miscellany up there. Why didn't that occur to me on my own? What decorating/organization gene am I missing that made me need to pay some one (a fabulous deal from, but still) to tell me something that should be bred into the bone? Perhaps I won't question that and just be glad that Stacey is out there and that I now have her in my arsenal! Since I'm shamelessly plugging Stacey, here is her website: Stacey - if you read this, I'm really going to work on thinning out the books, but it's HARD.

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  1. Frannie,

    Thanks so much for the shameless plug! I actually read this not long after you posted, but I have been super busy the past couple of weeks and never found a minute to comment. Can't wait to read more...